nf_conntrack automatic helper assignment deprecated

For quite a while, I've been getting the "nf_conntrack: automatic helper assignment is deprecated and it will be removed soon" warning at boot. So I can't say I was too surprised when I started getting "kernel: nf_conntrack: default automatic helper assignment has been turned off for security reasons and CT-based  firewall rule not found. Use the iptables CT target to attach helpers instead."

Script: Shell script to update Linode DNS records with WAN IPs (Dynamic DNS)

Either of these scripts will grab both the IPv4 and IPv6 (if any) addresses assigned to any WAN I'm behind, and, using Linode's DNS API, will update my DNS records with same and log changes/errors using logger. In effect, it's a homemade Dynamic DNS updater. Linode's developing a new API so that's why  two versions exist.

To use the script, you need:

HTML Email

I loathe HTML email for many reasons. Privacy and security are two. A Google search for "html email security" returned about 328,000,000 results and "html email privacy" returned about 2,010,000,000 results. That's billions, folks.

Legitimate Companies Who Market by E-Mail - Food For Thought

I've just gone through a boatload of "pseudo"-spam. Pseudo-spam is what I call legitimate e-mail that, when using a vanilla installation of Spamassassin, is marked as spam solely through the e-mail creator's carelessness, thoughtlessness, whatever adjective you want to use (I refrained from using stupidity although I desperately wanted to). This morning, 25% of the number of e-mails that were classified as spam were actually legitimate. After analyzing the Spamassassin rules that were triggered, many rules were needlessly fired.

Site startup

The site's been officially kicked off with a FAQ post. Expect more soon. The focus is going to be on the management of small virtual private servers (VPS).

Why? Well, I've found lots of really helpful information on the Internet but most of it does not seem scaled to operating a small VPS. And by small, I mean something comparable to a Linode 1024. So I thought I would share my experiences as I learn how it all works, and hopefully help a few people along the way as I have been helped on countless mailing lists and forums.